Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stolen Laptop

Last night my roommate's laptop was stolen from his room, when he finds out he immediately called my other roommate who used LogMeIn to log onto the stolen laptop. Conveniently enough the idiot thief was using Skype when my roommate logged in. His Skype user name happened to be his real name so my roommate took a few screen shots and called the police. The thief was caught with the laptop in his possession and is now facing felony burglary charges. Moral of this story, don't steal a laptop from computer literate people. Also the retard didn't steal the power cord for the laptop.   


  1. O gawd that's awful and full of win. :D

  2. That kids pretty dumb.The other moral of the story could be learn how to format a hard drive before you steal a laptop